Board Game Battle Royale at Mox Bellevue

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Mox Boarding House Bellevue is excited to announce its newest monthly event: Board Game Battle Royale! Come join us every month as we host a board game tournament that you won’t want to miss. This event is perfect for seasoned tournament players as well as tournament newbies with our welcoming and inclusive environment. We will be rotating a selection of board games, everything from Scythe to Catan. Ask our friendly staff or check out our calendar to stay informed on what new tournaments are coming up. If you don’t know how to play the game of the month, no problem–the week of the tournament join us for a demo on Tuesday anytime from 2 pm -5 pm.

Participation is easy!

Every tournament will host up to 24 participants with an entry fee of $10-15. Register online prior to the event to ensure your spot or register in person that day. Please arrive 10 minutes early and check in with the event host.

Who doesn’t like a fun prize?

Board Game Battle Royale format will vary with the game rotation. Heavier games will have more traditional tournament styles with prizes for the overall top players, while family friendly games will include prizes for winners at each table. Regardless of the tournament type, we will have a smaller prize that will be given to a randomly selected participant. For the details on tournament structure each month please see the events page here.

Can you build the best Dino Park?

Come join us April 20th for Dinosaur Island and test your theme park building skills and combine DNA to make your very own dinos. In this action selection board game you had best be careful! Too many dinos and not enough security could turn your patrons into dinner. Come find out if you can build the most successful Dinosaur Theme Park. This event will occur over 3 rounds: 2 seeding and one final table. The winner of this event will walk away with their very own copy of Dinosaur Island.

We look forward to seeing you there!