• No. of Players 2
  • Age Range Ages 10+
  • Mechanism Hand Management
  • Play Time 15-30 Min
  • Theme Abstract
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The Mandala: the symbol of an ancient and sacred ritual. Colored sand is laid to create a symbolic map of the world, before the pattern is ceremonially destroyed and the sand cast into the river an ever repeating cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

With a slow and steady movement from your wrist, you cautiously pour the last remaining sand onto the edge of the Mandala. After standing up you look at your masterpiece, being satisfied with its looks. Black sand was a good choice as the color stands for death and renewal and that is exactly what is going to happen next. The ceremonial destruction of the Mandala represents the renunciation from the physical world as well as the rebirth. Like the next Mandala which is already starting to form in your head, ready to flow through your hands into a new and beautiful artwork.

Mandala from Trevor Benjamin & Brett J. Gilbert is not quite as spiritual. This tactical 2 player game lets players from 10 and up compete in the creation of Mandalas. In about 30 minutes several Mandalas are created and destroyed and the players try to earn as many victory points in this process as possible by collecting the different colors their abstract Mandalas are made of. Who will earn the most points? Who will be the master of Mandalas? 

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