Mox Personal Shopper Pilot
  • May 6th 2021
  • Posted by NELLY STEINER

Mox Personal Shopper Pilot

The new Mox Personal Shopper Pilot service now brings the Mox experience to your living room. Not sure what to pick up for your next game night? Looking for a gift for a gamer friend? We’ve got you covered!

Starting on March 8th customers in Seattle, and May 6th in Bellevue will be able to book appointments to speak with a Mox Retail Associate via video call to place orders for future pickup. The service is being initially offered exclusively at the Washington store locations (Bellevue and Seattle) to test it out and gather customer feedback. Keep reading for full details on the Personal Shopper service.

Mox Seattle Personal Shopper - Book Here

Mox Bellevue Personal Shopper - Book Here

Mox Portland Personal Shopper - Book Here 

What is the Mox Personal Shopper service?

The Mox Personal Shopper service is a new program we are offering that allows you to receive one on one help with and recommendations for the products we sell at Mox. We are passionate about games and part of the fun is paring the right game with the right person. You can book 30-minute-long appointments with Mox Retail Sales Associates to get your gaming questions answered and can pick up their items in-store or by Curbside Pickup at a later date.

What’s exciting about the Mox Personal Shopper service?

You get the full-service experience of visiting Mox from the comfort of your home. At the time of booking, you’ll provide your name, email, and any information about the kind of gaming you’re looking to do or the person you’re buying for. Then, your friendly Mox Retail Sales Associate will give you a call the day of your appointment and will have tailored recommendations ready for you! You’ll also have time to ask follow-up questions and even get recommendations for other titles you might like based on additional feedback.

Does the service cost anything to use?

Booking your appointment is totally free, and your products will cost the same as if you had if you shopped in-store. In addition, as a special incentive during the pilot program, we’ll be offering 10% off your purchase made from a Mox Personal Shopper appointment! (Magic: The Gathering, Games Workshop, and Gift Cards excluded)

Can I use this service to make Card Kingdom purchases?

At this time the service will be limited to the product available for purchase at our Mox Retail store, so MTG singles or other products available exclusively on Card Kingdom will not be available. You’ll have to place your singles order separately online, and the 10% discount will not apply to Card Kingdom orders.

Who is this service for?

The Mox Personal Shopper Pilot is currently limited to customers who are able to pick up their items at our Washington store locations, in Seattle and Bellevue. Shipping is not available for this service at this time, however, we plan on expanding the ways we offer this service in the future! While the service is family-friendly, appointments must be made by customers of ages 18 and older.

Do I have to own a webcam/appear on camera to use the service?

Not at all! You will not be required to appear on camera during your appointment, and a webcam is not required. Your Mox Retail Sales Associate will appear on camera and will be able to show you the games in-store on our shelves.

How does the Mox Personal Shopper service work?

  1. Follow the “Book Here” button at the end of this blog post to make an appointment using our Booking Calendar.
  2. On the morning of your scheduled appointment, you’ll receive an email from us containing your meeting invite.
  3. At your scheduled appointment time, just follow the link and a Retail Sales Associate will be waiting for you virtually.
  4. During your appointment, your Retail Sales Associate will be happy to make recommendations, answer questions about titles, and even walk you through the store to allow you to look through what’s on the shelves.
  5. At the end of your appointment, let your Retail Sales Associate know what items you’d like to place on hold. They’ll give you a final total and a ticket number for your items. Your order will be held for you for up to one week.
  6. To claim your purchase, either head down to the store and pick up your items at the Retail counter, or drive down and give us a call when you arrive for Curbside Pickup. Payment is collected when you come to claim your purchase.
  7. If you opted-in to provide feedback about your experience, we will send you a link to our feedback survey after your appointment! Feel free to complete it after you’ve made your purchase.

Can I have a Retail Associate teach me how to play the game, help me with setup, or run an event for me?

At this time, this service is only for customers looking for game recommendations to purchase. We are not offering gaming setup or event services through the program. We hope to expand to additional services in the future.

What happens if I miss my booking, or if I’m running late?

Your Mox Retail Sales Associate will wait for up to 10 minutes beyond your appointment start time before canceling your appointment. If you miss it and want to reschedule, you’re more than welcome to do so! There are no no-show or late arrival charges associated with missing your appointment.

Mox Seattle Personal Shopper - Book Here

Mox Bellevue Personal Shopper - Book Here

Mox Portland Personal Shopper - Book Here 

We need your help!

We need help testing out our Personal Shopper service and we want your feedback to make it perfect. Please consider booking an appointment today! If you have a friend or family member who needs help picking out games recommend this service to them, we would love to help them out. The service is completely free and we love introducing new people to gaming.

-See you at Mox