June Publisher Spotlight! Indie Press Revolution

Nelly Steiner Publisher Spotlight

What is Publisher Spotlight?

We are launching a brand-new program at Mox Boarding House: Publisher Spotlight! Every month, we choose a different publisher or distributor to highlight and feature their family of amazing games. This is a great chance to check out a new game from a company that may have released one of your favorites. The month will be filled with game demos, tournaments, discounts and giveaways, we have so much great stuff in store for you!

Who is the Distributor for June?

Drumroll… Indie Press Revolution! IPR has some of the best indie RPGs on the market, such as Dread, Ryuutamma, and Dungeon World. It was launched over ten years ago in 2004 with a simple mission: to create a network of creator-publishers to bring the latest RPG innovations to the market. “[IPR has] grown to connect more than one hundred small-press tabletop role playing and story game companies to retailers on five continents, conventions, and individual customers.” Not only that, but they have always strived to create a community where creators can collaborate and cooperate and produce games that go directly into the hands of their fans.

Free RPG Day!

This month is perfect to delve deep into trying some new Role Playing Games, not only are we highlighting an amazing Indie RPG distributor, but June 15th is also Free RPG Day. If you are not familiar with Free RPG Day you are in for a treat, it is a day dedicated to celebrating Role Playing Games. Stores around the world will offer game demos, play sessions and give away free RPG Modules.┬áHead out to Mox Seattle for Free RPG Day and try out a fun game of Fiasco, one of IPR’s biggest titles!

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