Ikoria prerelease tournament at home with Mox

Ikoria Prerelease Tournament at Home

Katie Moranha Blog, Magic: the Gathering

You may be wondering what to do with your prerelease pack now that you have it. While we can’t always meet each other in person, we can still enjoy a prerelease with a little ingenuity. In case this is your first prerelease, these Magic: the Gathering packs contain 6 booster packs from the newest Magic set, just enough to build …

The Legacy Preservation Series Invitational

Nelly Steiner Blog, Magic: the Gathering

This past weekend we held the final invitational event in our Legacy Preservation Series! The Legacy Preservation Series is a year-long event culminating in a final invitation-only tournament. To qualify, local players participated in our weekly Legacy events and in our monthly Legacy 1k events. The 24 qualifying players faced off in the final tournament, and when the dust cleared …