The Gauntlet: A closer look at El Centro de la Raza

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Now in its sixth year, The Gauntlet has worked with several amazing organizations as beneficiaries, but this year we’re proud to work with one of the best around. On the heels of passing our goal with 5 days until our teams show up in Bellevue, it feels like a good time to introduce and highlight why we chose El Centro de la Raza for The Gauntlet: Cirque!

An idea is born

Born out of hard times in the early 1970s, a small group of students and staff peacefully occupied the historic Beacon Hill School outside of downtown Seattle, laying the foundation of what would become El Centro de la Raza. Translated to “The Center for People of All Races,” they wear their hearts on their sleeves and aim to provide a feeling of home for all people interested in making a better world for each other by educating, organizing, and defending each other.

How they help

The bilingual staff and volunteers at El Centro provides a wide range of support to our community. From early pre-school education and after-school programs, to adult education and legal support, it has been amazing working with them and learning how they listen to the community and provide the services that are needed most. Their staff reflects the multicultural communities for which they work. With each $100 our teams raise, El Centro can provide one hour of after-school care for low-income students who speak English as a second language right here in Seattle. With our community and donors help, we’ve officially reached our goal, but we can’t stop now. As of May 14, we’ve raised $82,650! That’s more than 700 hours of education, 700 hours of care and attention and 700 hours of opportunities for growth. We’ve reached our goal, but we know we can do more, and with your help, we can make this one of the best Gauntlets ever.

How to help them

For nearly 47 years, El Centro has worked tirelessly to provide a positive impact on people’s lives through measurable change and by building multi-racial unity. They are proud to have been founded in the Latinx community, and we’re pleased to help them continue and grow their mission. If you’re interested in getting involved with El Centro, they’re looking for volunteers of all backgrounds, and to learn more about how you can get involved with this year’s Gauntlet, check out our announcement blog post or visit

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Author: David Peveto