Aegean Sea

  • No. of Players 2-5
  • Age Range Ages 14+
  • Mechanism Variable Powers
  • Play Time 30-60 Min
  • Theme Ancient
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Aegean Sea is the latest card-game collaboration between Carl Chudyk (Glory to Rome, Innovation, Mottainai) and Asmadi Games! Players will sail the seas of the Aegean as one of five peoples (Sparta, Athens, Crete, Ephesus, Rhodes), each of whom have their own unique deck and asymmetric special abilities. With 220 unique cards representing islands in the Aegean, each game becomes its own journey of discovery - how best can their varied powers be used to outmaneuver opponents? The high seas brim with endless possibilities!

The game box features a custom insert with a plastic lid to keep cards organized and in place, because as we all know, the journey from shelf to car trunk to friend’s table can be as turbulent as a journey in an ancient boat. Aegean Sea is a competitive adventure for 2-5 players, and lasts about 20 minutes per player (longer on a first play). It’s on the more complex side of our offerings, but most of the complexity comes from how to succeed and win, rather than how to play.

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