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You found us, and we can assure you there is no other like us! Mox Boarding House is a dining experience with fine foods and drinks with a boardgame store filled with all your favorites and many waiting to be discovered.

Explore our huge selection of products, from Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons to Warhammer 40k and more. The Mox team is there for questions and recommendations. Want to try something new? We’ve got you there, too. Our free game library is available while you enjoy a meal or drinks with friends (and enemies; we don’t judge). Meet new players, enjoy our daily events, and help grow the gaming community!


Read all about it, folks! Mox Boarding House Bellevue on Bel-Red Road hosts beautifully decorated Art- Deco designs with a full-service restaurant. Delve into secrets with your Dungeons & Dragons group in our private room, The Library. Or perhaps our hidden Speakeasy is the perfect spot for cocktails and subterfuge; our helpful staff and game library can equip you with the perfect game to stab your friends in the back. Our tournament room hosts gaming events daily, and our retail store has all things Magic: The Gathering, board games, Warhammer, and more.

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Nothing is fixed, friends. Not even time. Step out of our timeline, and join us at Mox Boarding House Portland, where you can experience alternate histories, Parisian-inspired architecture, and an extensive game collection to browse and buy. Located near Providence Park on West Burnside Street, Mox Portland offers a free game library while you enjoy our fine food and cocktails. Grab a drink before the Timbers game and ponder, “what if the Portland penny landed on the other side?"

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Welcome to the very first Mox Boarding House! Located in the heart of Seattle’s historic Ballard neighborhood, Mox Boarding House Seattle on Leary Ave NW greets everyone with the gaming spirit. Our award-winning game store and restaurant will delight any traveler with cozy meals and an extensive library of tabletop games to explore. Participate in our daily gaming events or bring the atmosphere to your next party with one of our private rooms available for rent. Welcome to our shop of many things!

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And there, shimmering on the horizon: Mox is coming to Chandler, Arizona!

Mox is setting up a Southwest outpost for our delicious food, cocktails, and massive gaming library. Discover a diverse range of gaming events every day of the week, private rooms for your next parties, and Card Kingdom’s Portal for quick purchases of in demand Magic: The Gathering products.

Stay tuned as we get our supply routes established. We can’t wait to meet you, Chandler!

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