• Mox Spotlight April: Exploding Kittens
    • Apr 1st 2023
    • Posted by Jason Krell

    Mox Spotlight April: Exploding Kittens

    A new month means a new Mox Spotlight, and we have a game publisher whose products are always a blast: Exploding Kittens. Throughout all of April, starting on the first, all Exploding Kittens games are 10% off — and we’re not fooling! This includes Exploding Kittens, the company’s namesake game, which will bring the heat to any springtime gaming session. Their games are absurd in the best way, engaging and full of chaos, so be sure to check them out. If you need some help picking one to try, here are our favorites:Exploding Kittens2-5 players | Age 7+ | 15 minsWe had to begin with the classic that started it all. This game is all about strategy, because when that exploding kitten drops, you better have a way to disarm it. If not, you’re out of the game until it’s time to start over. T