• Mox Spotlight August: Oink Games
    • Sep 8th 2022
    • Posted by Cal Sanik

    Mox Spotlight August: Oink Games

    Mox is back with another monthly Spotlight! This month, we’re highlighting Oink Games – some of the cutest pint-sized games in our stores.  Deep Sea Adventure lets up to six players dive deep under the ocean looking for treasure – whoever gets the most at the end of the game wins! The only problem is, you have to share an oxygen supply…Moon Adventure We’re over the moon about this game at Mox! In Moon Adventure you and up to four friends are trapped on the moon – to survive, you have to work together to recover your scattered supplies without running out of oxygen. Gather enough supplies and get back to your base to win.In Maskmen You and up to five buddies with luch-adore this wrestling mask themed game from Oink. Your goal is to be the best wrestler – but you