Board Game Bands



We love these jumbo sized 12 inch Band Joes cross style silicone bands! They form an H or X or + depending on how you pull them over an object so instead of only 2 grip points they have 4. 

Great for game board boxes, puzzle boxes, stacks of folders, wrapping pictures with padding, and much more. All Band Joes are made with cooking grade, food safe silicone. They're super long lasting rubber bands that are heat, cold, chemical, and UV resistant so you should get years of use with proper care. 

Leave us a comment to request one of the colors that you'd like if we have it in stock, otherwise we'll pick the loveliest color of the bunch. 

(Colors: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black, White)

In Store Pickup

You purchase your order and instead of us shipping it to you we get your order ready for you to come in to store and pick up