Builders of Blankenburg - Fields & Flocks

  • No. of Players 2-6
  • Age Range Ages 13+
  • Mechanism Area Control
  • Play Time 60-90 Min
  • Theme Medieval
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Add a whole new element to your adventures in Blankenburg with the addition of the Fields & Flocks expansion. Not only does Fields & Flocks add six player support to the game, but it introduces the Harvest phase, where you are able to direct the actions of your serfs in managing your agricultural holdings. Grow crops and raise livestock, either selling them to the various citizens in the town for silver, or attaching complete fields and flocks to structures for additional prestige.

In addition, Fields & Flocks contains a full reprint of all cards from the original game, to ensure cards can be seamlessly added and to make the cards more friendly for color challenged individuals.

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