Cardline: Animals

  • No. of Players 2-8
  • Age Range Ages 7+
  • Mechanism Trivia
  • Play Time 15-30 Min
  • Theme Animals
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“The sheep is clearly bigger and heavier than the hedgehog, but does it live longer? I suppose so. But what bout Herman’s tortoise? It is small and light too, yet it seems to me that it can live a very long time. But what does ‘very long’ mean compared to an elephant or a whale? Pfff…. It’s not so easy to estimate the life expectancy of an animal, I’ll probably do better with the size or the weight of the animal.”

In Cardline: Animals, these are the kinds of questions you’ll face every time you want to place one of your cards. There is only one goal: to be the first to play all your cards correctly.

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