Citadel Colour: Parade Ready Paint Set

  • Mechanism Paint
  • System Citadel




-1x Liberator Gold
-1x Stormhost Silver
-1x Wazdakka Red
-1x Evil Sunz Scarlet
-1x Tuskgor Fur
-1x Doombull Brown
-1x Deathclaw Brown
-1x Skrag Brown
-1x Ushabti Bone
-1x Screaming Skull
-1x Cadian Fleshtone
-1x Kislev Flesh
-1x Flayed One Flesh
-1x Pallid Wych Flesh
-1x Straken Green
-1x Warboss Green
-1x Nurgling Green
-1x Warpstone Glow
-1x Moot Green
-1x Ahriman Blue
-1x Altdorf Guard Blue
-1x Calgar Blue
-1x Fenrisian Grey
-1x Russ Grey
-1x Dawnstone
-1x Administratum Grey
-1x Flash Gitz Yellow
-1x Yriel Yellow
-1x Xereus Purple
-1x Genestealer Purple

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