Critical Role Minis - Bells Hells

  • Mechanism Monsters & Adversaries
  • System Critical Role
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Critical Role has partnered with WizKids to create high-quality figures that are compatible with the most popular tabletop RPGs. As the newest entries into the Critical Role inspired line, Critical Role: Bells Hells includes the entire crew from the third campaign of the hit show. Add this complete set of characters to your collection and bring their iconic journey to your gaming table. This set includes 10 Figures: Fearne Calloway, Little Mister, Imogen Temult, Orym, of the Air Ashari, Dorian Storm, Chetney Pock O`Pea, Werewolf Chetney, Laudna, Fresh Cut Grass, Ashton Greymoore. This team is ready to raise hell, and you won`t want to miss them!

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