Dawn of Ulos

  • No. of Players 1-5
  • Age Range Ages 14+
  • Mechanism Hand Management
  • Play Time 60-90 Min
  • Theme Economic
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For untold eons, the mortal races lived in separate planes, but now the dragon god Azema forges a new world by opening rifts to other planes.

Dawn of Ulos is an economic tile-laying game for 1-5 players. You compete in a game among gods of the planarverse, wagering on and manipulating the rise and fall of mortals.

Control the fate of Ulos! Develop a new world, invest in your favorite factions, and pit armies against each other. Choose wisely when to exert your influence. As factions rise and fall, will you earn the most favor with the world creator?

Place terrain tiles. Expand the influence of rival factions on a map.

Acquire cards. Invest in factions when they are small or pay a premium after their influence grows.

Manipulate factions. Secretly contribute cards to influence the outcome of conflicts. The winning faction enlarges their territory and the defeated faction disappears from the map!

Earn favor. Play cards early for guaranteed rewards or hold them until the end for legendary bonuses!

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