Deadly Dinner: Killing Woodstock

  • No. of Players 7-10
  • Age Range Ages 16+
  • Mechanism Deduction
  • Play Time Over 120 Min
  • Theme Mystery


Deadly Dinner - Killing Woodstock is set in San Francisco, 1970: A tranquil commune, a rock band and a tough motorcycle club share a love of music and mind-expanding drugs. Together they want to revive the legendary Woodstock Festival. But when the commune's guru is murdered, Love, Peace and Happiness is over.

The host invites the guests to a dinner together, where they take on the roles of murder suspects. Someone committed the murder, but they all have secrets they prefer to keep to themselves. Over three rounds they try to discover the secrets of the other players without making themselves suspicious. The common goal is to solve the murder case - or get away with the bloody act.

A game of Deadly Dinner consists of three rounds in which everyone gets new information about the course of events. Each round, players also receive secret objects that can be found in envelopes inside the box. The players have to discuss their information and clues in the group in order to finally identify the culprit. In order to be able to prepare, players should receive their character's starting information a few days before playing.

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