Dungeon Party: Big Box

  • No. of Players 1-6
  • Age Range Ages 8+
  • Mechanism Dexterity
  • Play Time 30-60 Min
  • Theme Fantasy


Dungeon Party is an easy-to-learn, raucous, play-anywhere, social role-playing game, where the rooms, monsters, and treasures are all on bar coasters. Players take turns bouncing a coin to ‘hit’ the monsters, disarm traps, or avoid cursed rooms. Players work together to survive the dungeon and gather the most loot, but there can only be one winner.

137 Coasters
15 Characters
41 Monsters
28 Treasures
43 Rooms
10 Dungeons
1 Unique ‘Weapon’ Coin
1 d20
6 d6 

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