card kingdom engage program

ENGAGE is the corporate giving and community outreach program for Card Kingdom, Inc. Through charitable giving, intentional service, fundraising, and in-kind donations, ENGAGE extends the Card Kingdom Inc. vision to the communities where we live and play.


The ENGAGE Program became a reality in June 2013. We are comprised of staff from across the business who give of their time, above and beyond their regular work hours, to advise Card Kingdom’s corporate donations as well as host fundraisers for the benefit of local non-profit organizations. Our community has always been overwhelmingly supportive and we are happy to be able to give back!


Our focus is to bring support and awareness to local charities whose mission it is to improve education, fulfill basic human needs and support our neighborhoods and communities.

  • Education: Preschools, K-12, Higher Ed, Technical schools, Tutoring and Mentoring Programs, Before and After school programs such as Math and Science Club, Chess Club, etc.
  •  Basic Needs: Programs that support Basic Health, Mental Health, and Health Education such as Food banks, Community Mental Health, Veterans and other Social Service Programs, Homeless Shelters, etc.
  • Neighborhoods/Community: Programs that promote positive social connection, teambuilding, and networking, etc. within our geographic community as well as our virtual community


We aim to connect with you, our employees, and our community to give in big and meaningful ways through product donations, in-kind support, and volunteerism.

In-Kind Giving: ENGAGE provides in-kind gifts to our community in three ways.

  • Product Donation: to learn more about eligibility and requirements, click here.
  • Space Rental: In Development. Stay tuned to learn more about the non-profit room rental program within our café and restaurant spaces.
  • Donation Drives: Food and Clothing Drives (throughout the year), Giving Tree (December).

Fundraisers: ENGAGE hosts one large fundraiser each year. It is called The Gauntlet.

  • Visit The Gauntlet website to discover more about The Gauntlet. This year’s table top games charity tournament will benefit the local charity, YouthCare. We’ll be inviting teams from local businesses and the gaming community to compete in a day-long event pitting their skills against one another in a quest to win The Gauntlet while supporting Seattle’s homeless youth population.

Community Engagement: Each year, the ENGAGE committee and other Card Kingdom and Mox Boarding House staff give of their time to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and community neighbors.

  • Volunteerism: Giving of time and talents at various non-profit programs in our community.
  • Game Training: Follow-up game training to beneficiaries of the Giving Tree(s).
  • Game Days/Nights: In-house or off-site hosting of family or school game days.

ENGAGE Press: “In the News”

For more information about Engage, contact Program Manager Lyla Ross.

[email protected]