• No. of Players 2-6
  • Age Range Ages 6+
  • Mechanism Real Time
  • Play Time 15-30 Min
  • Theme Educational
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In Flip-Pix!. you start with a number of cards in hand, with one side of each card showing images and the other side showing letters.

Everyone plays at the same time. Pick up your cards, then play one of them image side up, then flip your cards over, find a card with the starting letter for that image, then play that card. Be creative to make matches! For an image of a unicorn, you could play a "U" to match "unicorn", an "A" to match "animal", or an "I" to match "imaginary creature". Flip your cards again to find an image that matches a played letter, and continue playing cards and flipping them.

Whoever first plays all of their cards wins!

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