Improv for Gamers (Second Edition)

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Based on hundreds of hours of professional workshops, Improv for Gamers provides fun and easy exercises designed to take your tabletop or live-action gaming group to the next level. Play one or two before your next session to get players warmed up and engaged, or take a deep dive into developing a particular skill! No improv experience required.

You can strengthen the following skills:

  • Enthusiastic and collaborative storytelling
  • Creating multi-faceted characters
  • Building authentic relationships between characters
  • Embodying your character and interacting with the world around them
  • Knowing when and how to end a scene and share the spotlight
  • And much more!

Improv for Gamers Second Edition features revised exercises and new content:

  • Over a dozen new exercises
  • Tips and guidance from other dual-class improviser-gamers
  • Advice for modifying exercises for online play, accessibility, and your specific game

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