Isle of Skye - Journeymen



Becoming king is one thing running the kingdom is another and will require all the help you can get. Mighty warriors, to uphold the law and defend the kingdom against threats. Cunning merchants, to ensure the royal treasury is filled to the brim. Swift heralds, to spread the word of Your Excellency in all lands. Preparation is key! Luckily, your most trusted friend agreed to do the dirty work so you can focus on becoming king in the first place...

The Journeyman expansion offers new mechanics and material e. g. a new player board. Like the introduction text is mentioning, the new board offers three development tracks for the Warrior, the Merchant and the Herald. All three help developing your clan territory even further by giving you new opportunities to get income, victory points and mighty special actions. Additionally the expansion contains the name-giving Journeyman, a wooden meeple which travels throughout your territory, fulfilling the requirements necessary to proceed on the three development tracks. 

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