Legendary Marvel - Midnight Sons

  • No. of Players 1-5
  • Age Range Ages 14+
  • Mechanism Deckbuilding & Pool-building
  • Play Time 30-60 Min
  • Theme Pop Culture


Horrors and supernatural threats abound in the Marvel Universe. Now is the time for something more visceral and monstrous. That’s where the Midnight Sons come in.

Legendary: Midnight Sons brings monsters and monster hunters together to oppose more terrifying foes. Such creatures (and some of our Heroes) are only able to unleash their full capabilities at night. These include Blade, the daywalking Dhampir, and Jack Russel, the Werewolf by Night.

The Midnight Sons bring a new dark brand of justice to Legendary and join the ever-growing pool of amazing Super Heroes!

  • Add to your collection with 5 Heroes, 2 Masterminds, 2 Villain groups and 4 Schemes!
  • Players work together to defeat evil and can also compete for the highest score!
  • All cards feature original art based on the Marvel Comics!

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