Mr. Jack

  • No. of Players 2
  • Age Range Ages 9+
  • Mechanism Deduction
  • Play Time 30-45 Min
  • Theme Mystery


898 - Whitechapel, London
The night is covering its alleyways with a dark cloak, leaving only a few areas lit by the gaslights. Eight investigators have come together to track down Mr. Jack, still at large. Mr. Jack is very clever, though: he is pretending to be one of them...

Mr. Jack is an asymmetric game for two players. Each player has a different aim. One takes on the role of the Detective, the other Mr. Jack. The Detective must unmask Mr. Jack's cover and then catch him. Mr. Jack will try to use the cover of darkness to slip away while doing his best to slow down the investigation. Using successive deductions, by moving characters in and out of the darkness, the Detective will reduce the number of suspects and tighten the noose around Mr. Jack. Will he capture Mr. Jack before the end of the eighth turn? 

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