Noir World

  • Mechanism Rulebooks
  • System Powered by the Apocalypse
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It’s raining. The alleys are as dark as the streets. You’ve entered a world where light and dark mix with gray and the unknown, where your past collides with your present and future, and it’s safe to assume everyone’s out for themselves.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of, it’s the stuff of old movies, classic movies. Great stories.

This is Noir World. And this is your world and your Movie now. Your story is worth telling, even though it’s not going to be pretty. You might not make it out alive, but it’ll be one hell of a ride.

It’s true what they say: the City is full of stories, and not all of them have happy endings.

Noir World contains:

+ A collaborative experience for everyone at the table. Everyone acts and directs a part of the Movie you create.
+ Over 20 Roles to play, including the ones you’d expect – the Good Cop, the Fatale, the Dirty Cop – and a few you wouldn’t – the Disgraced Doctor, the Gambler, the Citizen.
+ Tons of options for telling all kinds of stories that emphasize intense relationships, crime, and danger.
+ A toolbox of rules and suggestions to create an unforgettable film noir atmosphere.
+ Featurettes to take noir in new directions: A group of fishermen on a sinking boat; a group of teens on prom weekend.

Noir World is film noir powered by the Apocalypse, the same system that powers Dungeon World, Monsterhearts, The Sprawl, and Apocalypse World.

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