Northgard: Uncharted Lands - Wilderness

  • No. of Players 2-5
  • Age Range Ages 13+
  • Mechanism Variable Powers
  • Play Time 45-90 Min
  • Theme Medieval


The Wilderness expansion introduces 8 advanced creatures in addition to the existing ""classic"" creatures like wolfs or the brown bear. Creatures from this expansion have higher strength values and more exotic powers than those found in the core game, representing a tougher challenge for the players. We recommend playing the core game before adding this extra content.

Beside the new creatures, you will find a module of 11 special environmental tiles. Introducing tiles with special effects. Like geysers - they increase your happiness and resilience to winter. In Uncharted Lands, it allows you to place one extra viking for free in the Geyser’s territory at the end of the turn, as your units reap its benefits to invigorate themselves and get ready to jump into the fray!

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