Planegea RPG - The Star-Shaman's Song of Planegea for 5e

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Planegea is primal fantasy roleplaying, in the first and wildest of all worlds, where the planes of existence have not yet separated. Drawn from the traditions of Sword & Sorcery pulp adventure, infused with the blood-pounding thrills of epic roleplaying, and caught in the jaws of our own primordial dreams, Planegea is a world of heroes who feel the cold wind raise a chill of hunt and hope on their raw skin. The lands of Planegea rise from our earliest ancestral memory, a world we barely recognize, but which holds all the raw adventure we can imagine.

The Plangea standard edition book is a massive work, crafted for both players and DMs. It includes:

- 65+ monsters like dinosaurs and Ice Age megafauna!

- 20 new templates to adapt monsters from any source to a more primal form.

- 4 new kinships (races), including the walking trees called Dreas, the ever-hungry Half-Ooze, the ancient Saurian, and the fallen Starling.

- 4 new subclasses for prehistoric adventuring.

- 20 immersive new Stone Age backgrounds.

- 30+ new primeval spells, from cantrips to 9th level.

- 60+ new magic items with a primordial spin, like magic masks that channel the powers of monsters.

- 95+ untamed locations bursting with quest hooks.

- 11 diverse factions vying for survival and power.

- 13 world-shaping threats for 1st-20th level campaigns.

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