Puzzle Vision

  • No. of Players 3-20
  • Age Range Ages 17+
  • Mechanism Deduction
  • Play Time 30-60 Min
  • Theme Humor


We’ve got 20/20 Puzzle Vision, and we see your next game night clearly. A group of you... having a blast figuring out what these potentially-naughty pictures could possibly mean. What's not to love? It's really that easy — take turns trying to translate the image on the card into the phrase it's trying to depict before time runs out! You can either play independently, with everyone guessing one card, or as a squad, with two teams competing for the most cards. Perfect for the puzzle-obsessed friend, neighbor, or coworker. With three levels of picture puzzles and 350 unique cards, you'll be on your toes from the minute the timer starts. But for now? The only real puzzle is why you haven't already added this to your cart.

Adults Only: This game contains adult content and was created for ages 17+.

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