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In QUEERZ!, you will take on the role of someone blessed with magical powers. Specifically, you are "Queerz", and your powers come from the Rainbow Empathy - a magical force that empowers and embodies ideals of humanity, compassion, joy, and wisdom, offering those who can wield it unimaginable power that sparks from their love. Queerz are tethered to it by their Runway, a unique and personal pursuit that they are passionate about and through which they can inspire others.

Against them stand super-powered individuals of a different kind, an army of villains fueled by Ignorance, a rigid glasslike substance made of negative feelings and hateful, constricted world views that stem from one's deep pain, the Ignorance Core. Many times these are people close to the Queerz and they can even be Queerz themselves -- no one is immune to Ignorance!

These so-called Justice Knights are determined to make the world adhere to their constricted image of order, forcing everyone into their twisted idea of justice. In this game, you will show them the Rainbow and melt away their Ignorance, touch their hearts and transform them.

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