Shards of the Jaguar

  • No. of Players 1-4
  • Age Range Ages 12+
  • Mechanism Action Selection
  • Play Time 60-90 Min
  • Theme Adventure
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In ancient times, a huge warrior defended the tribes. But one day the shaman foretold the arrival of a dark spirit that man cannot defeat. To protect his people, the warrior changed form and took the form of a jaguar. In this form, he also succeeded in overcoming evil, but it cursed him, causing the jaguar to fall into shards of crystal.

The shards are still found in the Holy Temple of the tribe, protected by dangerous traps and the ancient curse. As the youth of the tribe, you must prove that you are worthy of the power of the Jaguar, so you must go to the Holy Temple to attend an initiation ceremony there.

In the game, you control a young man waiting to be initiated, and your goal is to gain the legendary power of the Jaguar. To do this, you must collect fragments of the jaguar and perform ancient rites with them. But this will not be such an easy task, because you also control the traps of the temple yourself , and thus constantly hinder each other.

For all this, you collect honor points and at the end of the game, the youngster who has earned the most will be the new defender of the tribe and also the winner of the game.

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