Sidereal Confluence - Bifurcation

  • No. of Players 4-9
  • Age Range Ages 14+
  • Mechanism Bidding
  • Play Time Over 120 Min
  • Theme Science Fiction


Sidereal Confluence provides an experience like no other. It features complex, yet intuitive engine building, while players simultaneously negotiate deals that can include resources, ships, victory points, binding promises, or even entire portions of their economy! In the original, the negotiations were between nine asymmetrical species, each with their own mechanics, components, and strategies. With this new expansion, that number doubles!

Sidereal Confluence: Bifurcation includes variations on each of the nine original species, providing entirely new mechanisms, new strategies, and new avenues for negotiation! These variants represent different aspects or factions within their societies, and include new rules and starting cards that dramatically change each species’ play style. The variants are more interactive than the base game factions, leading to more interesting trades and greater potential for creativity.

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