• No. of Players 2-5
  • Age Range Ages 6+
  • Mechanism Dice Rolling
  • Play Time 15-30 Min
  • Theme Animals
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Sally the farmer has asked you to help her build fences for the animals to keep her farm in order. Sally wants to gather the animals so that each type has enough space. Can you help her arrange the animals so they are all happy?

This is a "roll and stamp" game including six colored stamps showing cow, goose, hen, pig, sheep and hay bale.

On your turn, throw all three dice in the center of the table, then choose one die and take it. Take the corresponding animal stamp and use it to stamp an empty square of your choice on your farm sheet. Now the next player going clockwise chooses one of the two dice left in the center of the table, without taking it, then uses the corresponding stamp, and so on, until everyone has stamped an animal onto their farm. The face of the dice showing the hay bale is a wild card: If you choose a die showing the hay bale, you can use any stamp.

After all players have filled all the squares on their farms, the game ends. For each type of animal you have on your farm, count the largest group. For each animal in your largest group you score one point.

The advanced mode adds the hay bale stamp, hedges on the board, and three random Request cards with new ways to score points.

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