Star Clicker

  • No. of Players 2-4
  • Age Range Ages 8+
  • Mechanism Memory
  • Play Time 45-60 Min
  • Theme Fighting
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Star Clicker is the new cooperative game of Christophe Raimbault – author of Colt Express – in which you are kids trying to save your planet from evil aliens attack… Why? Because your parents are in mission far far away in the galaxy. You cannot wait for their return, you must act. You climb into the spaceships and let’s go! After all it’s not that complicated to pilot a spaceship, you’ve seen your parents do it so many times, you just have to press a few buttons…

Your parents away, the sneaky enemy Creepers take the opportunity to attack you, believing you to be defenseless. They deployed 8 jammers around your planet C-64 in order to block communications and neutralize the famous self-defense mode… Your mission? Find and blast these 8 jammers so that the self-defense mode will make short work of the remaining invaders.

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