Task Team

  • No. of Players 3-18
  • Age Range Ages 7+
  • Mechanism Real Time
  • Play Time 15-30 Min
  • Theme Humor
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In Task Team, two teams go head-to-head over a task while the third referees. Play with three people or three teams for even more fun! During each round, two teams go head-to-head over the same task while the third team acts as the Referee. The first task will be deciding which two teams will go first: Rock paper scissors, arm wrestling, catch – you decide – we don’t want to know! The Referee team draws a card and reads it aloud. When everyone is ready, the Referee team starts the countdown by saying: “Ready? Task Team!” The two participating teams then madly scramble to win the task. The team who wins the task gets the card and puts it in front of them. After each task, the teams swap roles for the next round:

The team who won the previous task stays in the competition. The team who refereed the last task plays the winning team. The losing team becomes the Referee. The first team to win seven Task cards is declared the winner.

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