Terra Mystica - Merchants of the Seas

  • No. of Players 2-5
  • Age Range Ages 12+
  • Mechanism Area Control
  • Play Time Over 120 Min
  • Theme Civic
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Enter a new era of trade and expansion in Terra Mystica with Merchants of the Seas. Each faction—including the Ice, Volcano, and Variable factions from the first expansion Fire & Ice—now has the option to build a Shipyard, as well as new Ships to embark on voyages toward valuable territory and lucrative trades.

Starting with only a Dock, you’ll have to upgrade a riverside Trading house to a Shipyard to get into the sailing business. The Shipyard extension to your faction board offers new rewards, income, and Special actions to take. For instance, once you build your Shipyard, you’ll receive one Ship as income each turn, but you’ll also have access to the Special action to build Ships for an additional cost.

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