Warhammer 40K/AoS - Chaos Spawn

  • System Chaos Daemons
  • System Thousand Sons
  • System Death Guard
  • System Chaos Space Marines
  • System Slaves to Darkness
  • System Disciples of Tzeentch
  • System Beasts of Chaos
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Mind and will completely dissolved into blankness by the corrupting influence of Chaos, the Chaos Spawn lurch and stagger into battle with twisted limbs flailing. Dangerous and unpredictable, the only process left in their brain is the desire to kill - and they do so with a disturbing strength, lashing out at a horrified foe with unnatural strength.

This multi-part plastic kit contains two wretched Chaos Spawn, featuring a wide variety of optional parts for customization and personalization! Supplied with two Citadel 50mm Round bases.

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