Wizard Card Game (Omnibus Edition)

  • No. of Players 3-6
  • Age Range Ages 10+
  • Mechanism Trick Taking
  • Play Time 30-45 Min
  • Theme Abstract


The ultimate game of trump now includes 3 different levels of strategy! Classic Wizard Card Game and its variations have been enjoyed by millions of players around the world. Wizard Omnibus introduces two new variations: Wizard Magic and Wizard Camelot. All three games follow classic Wizard’s gameplay where the game is won by accurately bidding. Winning tricks is the easy part; the challenge is to predict the exact number of tricks you will take. Wizard Magic adds one rule that maintains the simplicity of the original game yet provides a variety of exciting new strategies. Wizard Camelot replaces the deuces with four new cards to challenge the skill of even the most advanced players. 

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