Best Two Player Board Games: 30 minutes – 1 hour
  • Oct 23rd 2020
  • Posted by KATIE MORANHA

Best Two Player Board Games: 30 minutes – 1 hour

In part 2 of our 3 part series, we look at our favorite two player games that play between 30 minutes to an hour. These recommendations are great for people that have played a couple board games, and are looking to get into a little more strategy with their gaming partner. If you are brand new to board games or strategy games, check out our first blog post that takes a look at 2 player games that play in less than 30 minutes.


Play as one of the powerful traders of Jaipur, and win to become the Maharaja’s personal trader. Trade goods like diamonds, gold, silver, and cloth for the best prices, and watch out for what your opponent is selling. You can also take all the camels in the market to hopefully trade them for more goods in the next round. Sell them at the right moment to get the most rupees, and best bonuses. Jaipur is a fun strategy game for 2 players, with a little bit of luck. If you enjoyed playing Catan for the strategic trading, you will likely enjoy Jaipur!

Odin’s Ravens

In this 2-player-only, head-to-head card game, you will try to race your opponent around the world. Play as either Huginn or Muninn, and race back to Odin to be the first raven. To advance, you need to match a terrain card from your hand to the one that is directly in front of your raven. Choose your cards carefully, and illicit the help of Loki to outwit your opponent. Be careful though, you have to travel the opposite path on the way back. The setup on this card game is easy but has a bit of strategy with the decisions you have to make while you play. If you enjoy games like Qwirkle, or The Quest for El Dorado, Odin’s Ravens will be a good match.

Fox in the Forest Duet

Simple yet fun, Fox in the Forest Duet is a trick taking, cooperative card game for two players. Based on this fairy tale, you and your gaming partner play as the princess and the woodcutter’s daughter. Your goal is to find all the gems, and save the musician. Helpful woodland creatures, like foxes, dot your path and give you ways to collect gems throughout the game. Move around the board strategically, and win the right set to pick up gems. Perfect for those looking for a little strategy without a lot of set-up, and prefer to work together. If you and your partner enjoy games like Hearts, or The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, you will love Fox in the Forest Duet.

Unmatched: Battle of Legends

Choose your fighter! On the opposite end of cooperative, we have Unmatched: Battle of Legends. Play as Alice, Sinbad, Medusa, or King Arthur in this all-out brawl. Find the best way to use your fighter’s unique abilities throughout the bout. For example, if you choose Sinbad, you have to outlast your opponent and run away until you become unstoppable. While you are able to play with up to 4 people, it is best played head-to-head. You can even grab a standalone expansion and play classic characters, such as Robin Hood, the Raptors from Jurassic Park, or Dracula. If you enjoy board games like Funkoverse or Smash Up, you will probably enjoy Unmatched: Battle of Legends.

Imhotep the Duel

Based on the classic game Imhotep, Imhotep the Duel is made for just two players. Check out this worker placement board game with tough choices. You play as competing master builders in ancient Egypt. Load up your boats with cargo tiles, like the obelisks, temple, pyramid, or tomb tiles, to try and gain the most victory points. To get these precious cargo tiles, you will need to place your meeples in the right spot, and unload your boats to get them over to your player board. While the setup is easy, you have to make the right decisions throughout the game to gain the most victory points. This game is perfect for those who enjoy Azul, or Tiny Towns.

Honorable Mentions

We love all kinds of board games for two players, but we know we can’t talk about them all. This list is made up of some other great two player board games that you should check out.

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