• Last Minute Gift Ideas
    • Dec 21st 2020
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    Last Minute Gift Ideas

    Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re one of the many of us who have decided to wait until the week before the Holiday season ends to get your shopping done. It isn’t the first time, and it sure won’t be the last. Well, don’t worry. We’ve gathered a quick list of items that are sure to hit anyone that’s still left on your list. Board games make the perfect gift for anyone!Fort Fort is perfect for any family member or tween still on your list. It is a newly released game from the same publishers who brought us favorites like Root and Vast. In Fort, you’re a kid! So you’ll score victory points by doing quintessential kids things like building forts, growing your friend circle, and collecting pizza and toys.  Mariposas Mariposas is a strategic set collecting game featu
  • RPG Gift Guide
    • Dec 15th 2020
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    RPG Gift Guide

    This year there has seen no shortage of changes, but one thing has stayed consistent… our love for roleplaying games! Not sure where to start buying gifts for the gamers in your life? Look no further. Whether you’re shopping for the friend that has never figuratively “stepped foot into a dungeon”, or the person who might just own every Dungeon and Dragons campaign released to date, we’ve prepared a list of our top RPG gifts this holiday season. Let our gift guide take all the guessing out of the equation so you can find the perfect gift for your loved ones.What gift should I get my friend that is just getting started in RPGs? Have your friends or family been musing about finally delving into the wonderful world of roleplaying games? Maybe they’ve sat in on a single session (also known
  • Miniatures Gift Guide
    • Dec 11th 2020
    • Posted by MOXBOARDHOUSE

    Miniatures Gift Guide

    If you’re not an avid Miniature hobbyist, buying a gift for one can feel overwhelming. There’s Warhammer, Guild Ball, Marvel Crisis Protocol, X-Wing, but also paints, and brushes, and glues, and books. I’m here to help you sort through all the options and make sure you get the right gift for that gamer in your life. Are they new to the hobby? Or do they have the callused thumbs of a veteran? Do they play space elves or steampunk rat people? Well, cast your worries aside, and let Moose be your minis shopping guide. In addition to my talents for rhymes and puns, I’ve spent the better part of 20 years painting and playing minis.What gift do I get my friend who is just getting started in minis gaming? If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s just getting started in the minis hobby
  • Board Game Gift Guide
    • Dec 4th 2020
    • Posted by KATIE MORANHA

    Board Game Gift Guide

    Picture this. Your workplace is running a holiday secret gift exchange and you randomly draw your coworker Alex’s name. You don’t know them very well, but do know that they like to play board games. What do you get them? Where do you even start? Have no fear, we are here to help! Board gamers can be difficult to shop for. Just like other hobbyists, a gift that helps support their hobby is always appreciated. So what should you buy for that friend, family member, significant other, or coworker with a very specific hobby? The last thing you want to do is get them a gift they won’t use (think about those gifts that you still have in shrink-wrap for your hobby), or something they already have. How do you get them something they will love? First, you should find out if they are just gett
  • Modern Twists on Classic Board Games
    • Nov 12th 2020
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    Modern Twists on Classic Board Games

    What year was the game Battleship first released? If you said 1967, you are right (and you should probably be on Jeopardy)! Nearly a century later, classic games like Monopoly and Yahtzee are still gracing our tables and create moments of joy with friends and family. But why are these games still so popular? Many classic board games appeal to the masses by providing simple mechanics and themes paired with easy to follow rules and quickly became cultural phenomena that have withstood the test of time.So if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Like any other industry, tabletop gaming is constantly evolving with the conception of new themes and mechanics. Well over 20 games release every week, so there’s a good chance there’s always going to be something fresh to peak your interest each time you
  • All Time Favorite Board Games
    • Nov 6th 2020
    • Posted by KATIE MORANHA

    All Time Favorite Board Games

    Here at Mox we see hundreds of thousands of board games pass through our stores every year. While Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Monopoly are all games that we love and cherish, there are a ton of board games out there that may not get the credit they deserve. We took a look at the data, and here are our all-time favorite board games (according to our sales numbers).Best Kids Games A great way to bring the family together is with board games. Secretly, these games are just as popular with grown-ups as they are with kids. If you’re looking to incorporate some learning into playtime make sure to read our blog post about educational board games for the whole family. Set Set is a wonderful quick card game, where the object is to find patterns in the cards. This game is under $20 but has a
  • Best Two Player Board Games: 30 minutes – 1 hour
    • Oct 23rd 2020
    • Posted by KATIE MORANHA

    Best Two Player Board Games: 30 minutes – 1 hour

    In part 2 of our 3 part series, we look at our favorite two player games that play between 30 minutes to an hour. These recommendations are great for people that have played a couple board games, and are looking to get into a little more strategy with their gaming partner. If you are brand new to board games or strategy games, check out our first blog post that takes a look at 2 player games that play in less than 30 minutes. Jaipur Play as one of the powerful traders of Jaipur, and win to become the Maharaja’s personal trader. Trade goods like diamonds, gold, silver, and cloth for the best prices, and watch out for what your opponent is selling. You can also take all the camels
  • Gamer’s Guide to Halloween Quarantine
    • Oct 6th 2020
    • Posted by KATIE MORANHA

    Gamer’s Guide to Halloween Quarantine

    Whatever your circumstance, you will most likely find yourself at home this Halloween. While most of us won’t be able to go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, visit a haunted house, or host a Halloween party, there are some great ways to get into the spooky spirit in the comfort of your own home. This guide is to help anyone who enjoys Halloween and tabletop games, which is really the best combo! Even if you are just looking for something fun and different to do on October 31st, you’ve landed in the right spot. The most important part is choosing the right game, so we will take a deeper look at games in the end. Here’s your gamer guide to have the best quarantine Halloween in 2020: Decorate your house Dress up Grab some spooky snacks Set up a video chat Find the right game to pl