Black Friday 2019

Nelly Steiner Sale

Join the Black Friday weekend fun at Mox to experience our incredible deals and specials. Additionally, we’re kicking off our Holiday season that weekend!

Black Friday Promotions 

Buy anything you want in the store*, and we give you credit back! That way you can get a deal and aren’t just limited to the items on the special discount tables. The whole store is up for grabs!  Don’t forget that you get some gifts for hitting our reward tiers.

How does the Credit work? For every $50 (pre-tax) you spend in the store, you will receive a $5 coupon. They stack too! These are usable on just about anything in the store** and can be used starting Monday, December 2nd, and expire on January 19th.

Gifts, you say? Yes, we did! Thanks for reminding us. We have wonderful rewards for you that we’ve made custom for our Mox customers!  And remember, every tier you hit includes the gifts from the previous tier too!

$100: Enamel Pin

Spend $100 with us on Black Friday weekend, and we will give you a custom-designed D20 pin. This enamel pin depicts a white D20 on a super shiny, silver background.

$150: Drawstring Bag

Spend $150, and not only do you receive the stunning D20 pin but also this cool drawstring bag! Perfect for everyday use with a beautiful geometric Mox design.

$200: Beanie Hat

Spend $200 with us, and you will get the previous two gifts and this cozy custom beanie hat! On the front is a D20 design and says “Mox Boarding House” around the back.

$250: Filled Mug-o-Dice

Spend $250 with us on, and you get that shiny D20 Pin, the sweet drawstring bag, the cozy beanie hat, and a Mox Mug filled to the brim with dice!

*Restaurant not included in promotions.

**There are only some minor exclusions: Gift Cards, Restaurant, MtG, and Games Workshop.

Special Hours for Black Friday

This year we will extend our opening hours throughout the holiday season. We want to make sure that you have all the time you need to spend time with us.

Thanksgiving – CLOSED
Black Friday Weekend (Nov 29th– Dec 1st) – 9am to Midnight
December 2nd -23rd
10am to Midnight on Weekdays
9am to Midnight on Weekends
Christmas Eve – 10am – 4pm
Christmas – CLOSED
New Year’s Eve – 11am – 10pm
New Year’s Day – CLOSED

This Black Friday weekend will be actioned-packed with great deals and gifts, fantastic food, and lots of events.

-See you at Mox