Black Friday at Mox Boarding House
  • Nov 12th 2021
  • Posted by Nelly Steiner

Black Friday at Mox Boarding House

Well, it’s that time of year again. The sun is setting earlier and earlier as heavy jackets begin to make their return to our wardrobes. That can mean only one thing, Black Friday is fast approaching! It's the perfect time to stock up on Holiday gifts for friends and family (and yourself too! Treat yourself). 

10 Days of Deals at Mox

Back by popular demand, we’ve extended our promotion to last a full 10 days again! Join us at any Mox Boarding House location between November 26th to December 5th for excellent deals. You can feel safe knowing this extended period will reduce crowding and give everyone plenty of time to explore all the new and popular titles we have to offer. Read more about our safety precautions here. Make sure you’ve got a list of your must-haves prepared to get all your holiday shopping out of the way in one go.

Black Friday Promotion

We'll have 25-75% off discount tables in store! You'll see some Mox favorites on there including Catan, Mysterium, TTR Europe, Arkham Horror the board game and the card game, as well as Descent.

Additionally, we’ll offer $15 credit back with every $100 spent. 

How does the Credit work? For every $100 (pre-tax) you spend in the store, you will receive a $15 coupon*. They stack too! You can redeem these on just about anything in the store** starting Monday, December 6th, 2021, until February 28th, 2022.

*Restaurant, Gift Card, Card Kingdom, and Portal not included in promotions.
**Excludes Gift Cards, Restaurant, Events, Online, MtG, and Games Workshop.

Mox Giving Tree

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without our Giving Trees, and this year we’d like your help in making an impact with our actual neighbors. Each Mox retail location will host a Food/Hygiene Supply Drive for a Food Bank near each store.


Mox Seattle: Ballard Food Bank

Mox Bellevue: Hopelink

Mox Portland: LiftUP

The Giving Trees will launch on Nov. 26th and run through Dec. 15th. When in store, you can give in multiple ways!

1.Bring in a non-perishable food item or hygiene supply

2.Round up your total to donate directly to the chosen beneficiary of that store

3.Show us your receipt from recent donation to the chosen beneficiary of that store

As a Thank You for supporting our neighbors, if you are able to give in any one of these ways, you will receive our Thank You coupon (20% off 1 item, **restrictions apply).

How does the 20% off coupon work? These are usable on just about anything in the store** and can be used starting Monday, Nov. 29th, 2021, and expire on Feb. 28th, 2022.

See you at Mox

We look forward to seeing you at Mox this holiday season. We may not be celebrating in the way we would like to but seeing all your faces makes the holiday season a little brighter. We’re looking forward to your next visit. And as always, make sure you come hungry! Our restaurant staff is ready and waiting to help refuel you after your shopping adventures!