Flooding at Mox Portland
  • Dec 8th 2022
  • Posted by Tony Pizzo

Flooding at Mox Portland

Early Wednesday morning (12/7), we arrived to open the store and were faced with a terrible surprise: our building was severely flooded. Water had seeped through the walls and ceiling, damaging RPG books, MTG cards, office carpets, and even some of our beautiful wooden fixtures and cabinets.

UPDATE Wednesday 12/14/22: Great news everyone! We're opening again this evening at 4pm! 

We're still in the middle of some repairs, so please forgive any areas still under construction. We're open for dining and drinks, and you're welcome in to play and buy some games & gifts. Please note: our MTG Portal is still going through repairs and card pick-ups are still unavailable until next week. We couldn't be more excited to welcome everyone back to Mox. Thank you for all of your wonderful support the last few days!

What's changed?

We feel heartbroken this is happening just as the holiday season ramps up. At this moment, we've got all hand on-deck; a restoration company is on-site to determine the extent of the damage and our next steps. For the time being our retail and restaurant spaces are closed while we wait for the report. That means our upcoming private and public events must be postponed, we're unable to offer takeout, and MTG singles orders cannot be fulfilled.

How can you help

We've received incredible support from our community, neighbors, and the industry as a whole. All your kind words mean so much and we're reading every comment! Lots of you have asked "How can we support Mox Portland during this difficult time?" The best possible support at this moment is to shop our online store for in-store pickup! Starting tomorrow 12/9, you can pick up your orders at our front door from 12pm-8pm - or have your order delivered by Uber locally within 10 miles of our store!

Another way to support us is to engage with us on Facebook and Instagram, and share our posts. You can also join our growing Discord community!

Soon, we'll have a timeline for repairs, the status of Sunday's RCQ, and when we can serve food again... because we all could go for one of Carlla's bread puddings right about now!