Mox at PAX Unplugged
  • Nov 28th 2023
  • Posted by Nelly Steiner

Mox at PAX Unplugged

Mox Boarding House is attending PAX Unplugged 2023 in Philadelphia this Winter from Dec 1st to Dec 3rd. All the goodness of Mox right there at one of the most anticipated tabletop gaming events of the season. We have so much in store for you, so grab your dice, stay tuned, and get excited!

Chill and Game at the Mox Game Lounge

Back by popular demand, we're returning to PAX Unplugged with the Mox Game Lounge in room 201A! The Mox Game Lounge offers a true Mox-away-from-Mox experience and is is open 10am to 7pm Friday and Saturday, and until show close on Sunday. We're excited to meet gamers from all over the country and the world, so come visit our room and play with us. We'll share more details as we get closer to the show. 

Here's a sneak peek of what we're offering:

  • A board game library packed with some our favorite titles including Starry Night Sky by former Mox employee Emma Larkins, Rabbit Rabbit for some light trivia, and Catan in case you're in the mood for something classic.
  • Need help with the rules? Our expert staff is happy to answer any questions you have. 
  • Missed out on a Learn & Play session? Visit the Mox Game Lounge to try the game out. We'll have copies of every title. See the list of games below. 
  • Don't leave without taking a selfie with our Mox photo backdrop and use hashtag #MoxUnplugged when posting to social media! (Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use #MoxUnplugged)
  • Giveaways while supplies last! 
  • We're brought a Mox Store packed full of amazing goodies to purchase, hoodies, water bottles, patches, dice, and more! 

Mox Deer Druid Pinny Pin 

Back by popular demand Mox has an exclusive Pax Unplugged Pinny Arcade Pin. This Mox Deer Druid is designed by the talented Coffee by Sapphira and is a must get this PAX. Here's how you can earn it*: 

  1. Check in with Mox staff at the Mox Game Lounge (Room 201A) to get a stamp card
  2. Complete all 4 tasks to earn the four needed stamps. 
    1. Play two games from the Mox Game Library in the Mox Game Lounge 
    2. Post a selfie of yourself in the Mox Game Lounge on social media and tag Mox (Facebook Instagram) and Pax Unplugged. #MoxUnplugged
    3. Follow Mox on Social Media 
  3. Turn in your stamp card. 

*Completing a stamp card does not guarantee pin availability. Pin availability is limited each day.

Mox is the Proud Sponsor of the PAX Unplugged Learn & Play Room

If you are new to board games or want to learn a new game, be sure to check out the Learn & Play sections in room 204A as some of the industry’s biggest names are hosting personalized teaching sessions for hand-picked modern classics. These pros can answer any gaming questions you have and will make sure you're going into your next game night confident and ready to play. Check out the PAX Unplugged schedule here and below to see which games are being taught each day.

Bitewing GamesTrailblazersSaturday4:30 PM
Bitewing GamesZoo VadisFriday12:30 PM
Flatout GamesDeep DiveFriday11:00 AM
Floodgate GamesEverything EverFriday10:00 PM
Friendly SkeletonTrash TalkSaturday9:30 PM
Keymaster GamesChicken!Sunday10:30 AM
KosmosMy City Roll & BuildFriday2:30 PM
KTBG/Burnt Island GamesDiced VeggiesSunday2:00 PM
Last Night GamesHorticultureSaturday10:30 AM
Mighty BoardsVengeance: Roll & FightSaturday6:00 PM
Oink GamesWhale to LookSaturday12:30 PM
Pencil First GamesDeliciousSaturday10:30 AM
RandolphRomi RamiSunday12:00 PM
RavensburgerHorrified: Greek MonstersSaturday7:45 PM
RavensburgerThat's Not a HatSaturday9:30 PM
Ravensburger/ThinkFunDice and SliceFriday2:30 PM
Scorpion MasqueSky TeamSunday3:30 PM
Smirk and Laughter GamesTesseractSaturday2:00 PM
WizKidsMarvel: RemixSunday12:00 PM
WizKidsBlob PartySaturday9:30 PM

We can't wait to see you at PAX, so please stop by and say hi! To be the first to get details sign up for our Newsletter and keep you eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news and updates. 

-See you at the Mox Game Lounge at PAX Unplugged!