Mox Seattle Painting Competition – Are you up for it?
  • Jan 24th 2023
  • Posted by David Peveto

Mox Seattle Painting Competition – Are you up for it?

Update 03/08/22 - Here are our Winners! 

After planning and working with our amazing community, the team at Mox Seattle is super excited to launch our first minis painting competition! This is the perfect opportunity to show off that project you’ve been working on, or to check out the amazing stuff being created in our community and just by signing up you’ll have a chance to win the grand prize! 

This will work a bit differently than other painting competitions, so make sure to read the full rules below. Here’s what you need to know! Prizes for this competition will be given away by a random drawing, so anyone who enters will get a chance to win. Just by signing up you will get a single ticket in a drawing. All models will be displayed at Mox Seattle during a 3-week public voting period, and each vote your model gets will get you an additional ticket in the drawing. So no matter how you feel your model stacks up, or how many votes your model gets, the big awards are up for grabs!

You may submit one entry in each category, with a $10 fee per entry. The 3 categories are:

  • Hero/Character – A single figure which highlights your painting skills. The figure must have a base of no more than 100mm, and a height of no more than six inches.
  • Unit/Warband – These figures are entered as a team of no fewer than 2, but no more than 10. Each figure must have a base of no more than 100mm, and a height of no more than four inches.
  • Open – A single model, piece of terrain, etc. which is not a character figure. The model must have a base diameter of no more than 100mm, and a height of no more than four inches.

Sign up online to fill out your entry form and drop by your mini at Mox Seattle anytime we are open between Jan. 23 and Jan. 31 2023.

Come back to this blog post at the beginning of February for a link to the public voting form. We’ll have a single grand prize for each category, and additional prizes may be given out depending on the number of entrants.

This is an opportunity to highlight the amazing artists in our community and display their work for all to see. Just entering is a victory, so take the first step by signing up today. Looking for some help before the competition? Stop by our weekly paint jam to get advice, pick up a few tips and tricks from our amazing community host and learn more about the competition.

See you at Mox!

Full Competition Rules, Terms & Conditions:

Thank you for submitting to the Mox Boarding House Seattle painting competition. This competition will be judged by online vote, and the winner(s) of all prizes will be decided by random drawing based on the final result of the vote. Each submission will receive a single ticket in the drawing just for entering, then each vote a model gets during the public voting period will add an additional ticket in the drawing. A single grand prize winner will be drawn from each category after public voting closes on Friday, Feb. 24. Prize support and winning percentages depend on the number of entrants in each category and the final voting results.

Each model must have been painted in full by the person submitting the entry. If it is found out that you did not do all of the painting for the model you’ve submitted you will forfeit any and all winnings from this competition and they will be given out to an alternate winner.

The painting competition submissions open up at 11:00 AM on Monday, January 23, and must be entered via the online listing at and dropped off at Mox Boarding House Seattle (5105 Leary Way NW, Seattle WA, 98107) by 10:00 PM on Tuesday, January 31. Entries are limited to one per category per person.

Categories include:

  • Hero/Character – This category is for a single Hero or Character model with a base diameter of 100 mm or smaller and a height of no more than six inches (15 cm). This model may be from any minis or tabletop system.
  • Unit/Warband– This category is for a group of no less than 2, but no more than 10 figures. Each unit may have a 100 mm diameter or smaller base and a height of no more than four inches (10 cm). All models in your unit/warband will be voted on together as a single entry.
  • Open – This category can be for a single model which does not fit in the Hero/Character category, but you would still like to highlight. The figure may have a 100 mm diameter or smaller base, and a height of no more than 4 inches (10 cm).

These models will be kept on public display in a locked cabinet at Mox Boarding House Seattle during the submission and voting period, and Mox Boarding House, its staff, tournament organizers, etc., cannot be held responsible for any damaged or lost miniatures. We will treat all models with care and will do our very best to keep them safe while in our possession.

After your model is dropped off, Mox’s marketing team will take pictures of your model to be put online for the voting form, then displayed in the display case in the minis room at Mox Boarding House Seattle. If your mini does not fit in the case, we will contact you to pick up your model early, but your entry will still be included in the online vote. Once the public vote concludes, participants will be contacted to retrieve their models from Mox Boarding House. For safety reasons, we cannot release models to anyone other than the participant.

By entering this competition, you give permission to Mox Boarding House and its partners to use photos, and/or videos of the entrants in marketing purposes, and publish your name publicly as a participant of the contest.

These rules may change without notice, including during the open voting period.