Mox Spotlight June: Devir Games
  • Jun 1st 2024
  • Posted by Chris Cornejo

Mox Spotlight June: Devir Games

June is here, meaning Spring is winding down as we head into a bright summer! This month, we’re highlighting the Spain-based Devir Games, a multifaceted company that is the largest publisher of modern games in Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan, helping to bring board games from those cultures to the world. Devir has a wide selection of games across multiple genres, and while we’ve highlighted a few below, any Devir game at your local Mox Boarding will be 10% off all month!

Blind Business

2-5 Players | Age 8+ | 15-30 mins

This deceptively simple card game is all about hidden information. You only get half of the information about your cards, but know everything about what your opponents have. While trading cards of four different colors back and forth, you are trying to have the most points in a color at the end of the game...or five consecutive cards of that color! Easy to learn, difficult to master, and fantastic if you like lighter-hearted mind games.


1-4 Players | Age 14+ | 120 mins

In a post-apocalyptic world, your job is to deliver goods and, more importantly, plants across a desert wasteland. Plan your routes carefully, work efficiently, earn rewards, and brave the sands to help sow the seeds of civilization across the desert once more!

Autumn and Winter

1-3 Players / 2 Players | Age 8+ | 15-30 mins / <15 mins

These seasonal-themed games are all about area control, with the catch that all players are building the area they’re all trying to control! Can you connect the most leaves of your chosen color before the trees are bare? Can you control more surface of a frozen lake, and then retrieve your supplies before the lake unfreezes? Simple to learn, these games will test your pattern recognition and strategy more than you may think!

The Red Cathedral & The Red Cathedral Contractors

1-4 Players | Age 10+ | 60-90 mins

While helping build Moscow’s Saint Basil’s Cathedral, can you stand out from the rest of the competition and have your work impress Tsar Ivan himself? This dice rolling and resource management game features a novel rondel mechanic in its gameplay, and the Contractors expansion adds new guilds, cards, and a map of Russia to facilitate the gathering of resources from all over. Will your work stand the test of time?

Mille Fiori

2-4 Players | Age 10+ | 60-90 mins

Translating into “Thousand Flowers,” Mille Fiori is all about the creation, production, and trade of fine glass art. Each step of the process is represented, and you want to have a hand in the works all along the way in order to make the best art possible...and pocket a tidy profit while you’re at it!

Yokai Sketch

2 Players | Age 12+ | 15-30 mins

Yokai are elusive Japanese forest spirits, and in Yokai Sketch, you play as kids trying to get the best drawing of these mysterious creatures. Two decks of cards combine the type of spirit you see, how good a look you get at it, and how well your sketch of the spirit comes out. With a simple set up and easy game play, you can jump in and start sketching in no time!


1-4 Players | Age 14+ | 90-120 mins

This unique game puts you in the role of a patron of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Taking place in two timelines, one has you joining in the funding and support of the great composer throughout his life, vying to be one of the most important people linked to the production of his greatest works. In the present, you are funding the posthumous completion of his Requiem, contracting various other composers to contribute the best work to Mozart’s final work.

Hopefully these highlights have helped showcase the breadth of work that Devir puts out. Within the company’s catalogue, you can find something for every kind of gamer in your life. And this month, you can find it for 10% off at your local Mox Boarding House! Sign up for our newsletter here to keep up with everything Mox.