How To Have a Great Prerelease...and Two Preview Cards for Streets of New Capenna!
  • Apr 11th 2022
  • Posted by Chris Cornejo

How To Have a Great Prerelease...and Two Preview Cards for Streets of New Capenna!

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast’s free gift, we’re thrilled to unveil our Mox machinations and show you what our mystery mages are best at…it’s time to Connive! 

Streets of New Capenna Revel Ruiner and Hypnotic Grifter

Revel Ruiner

Hypnotic Grifter and Revel Ruiner both feature the sneaky new mechanic Connive, and they’re sure to be good pieces in a Sealed deck! The Ruiner is a nice aggressive creature that connives when it enters the battlefield, while the Grifter can help you get dig through your deck in a long grindy games, becoming a real threat on its own as it connives over and over again!

Hypnotic Grifter

Again, a big thank you to Wizards for these free Streets of New Capenna preview cards, and we look forward to seeing more of what the set has to offer!

Prerelease at Mox Boarding House

Streets of New Capenna is coming up quick, and that means Prereleases are around the corner! Always a fun time, Prereleases are the best way to get your hands on new magic cards as early as possible, test your deckbuilding skills on an even playing field, and support your Friendly Local Game Store. Here’s some tips to make sure you have the most fun you can at one of these amazing events:


If you want to be at the top of your game and enjoy your night to the fullest, you need to take care of your body and mind. Stay hydrated during your matches! You can always grab a drink between rounds from us. Browse our specialty cocktails in Seattle, Bellevue, and Portland here on our website.

Protect Your Cards!

Prerelease packs come with a great box to hold your spare cards, but sleeving up your deck is always a good idea – especially if you want to play with a fancy foil or showcase framed card you opened! Sleeves aren’t just protective, either. Nobody likes drawing too many (or too few) lands, right? Mana screw can make or break a whole match, and sleeves make all that shuffling between games easier, faster, and better on your draws. Plus, you can buy a huge selection of colors here!

Dice! There’s no such thing as too many dice.

Your prerelease pack will come with a spin down life counter that looks an awful lot like a D20 and is great for keeping track of your life total. But what about all the +1/+1 counters you’ll use to buff your creatures? All the tokens you’ll create to chump block your enemy until you draw that bomb creature? It’s easy to lose track of a game unless you have some handy dice! Check out these beautiful gemstone dice from Norse Foundry or the huge variety of Chessexdice to get you rolling.

A lifepad!

The spindown life counter is nice, but a lifepad is even better. You can take important notes, like what crazy instant spell your opponent played last game. Also, for those that love gaining life, you’ll be able to track how much life you’ve gained in one turn, and how far above 20 you can get. Most importantly, if your lifepad gets knocked over in the heat of combat, it’ll still tell you how much life you had!

Research The Set!

Preview Season will be all wrapped up by the time Prereleases happen, and you have a chance to look at what the set holds — knowing the synergies and archetypes you could open can help you make decisions during deckbuilding and guess your opponent’s sneaky tricks they might pull with all those untapped lands.

Now, some folks do like going in blind, seeing the new cards for the first time as they open them. Who doesn’t love surprises? This is a totally valid option, do whatever you find the most fun! But knowing the core mechanics of the set will still help a lot – and this set has more than a few shiny new toys to play with. Awesome past mechanics like Hideaway are returning, while brand new abilities are here as well. 

However you choose to enjoy your prerelease experience, come down to Mox and share the hype with us! Check out our events calendars at the Mox closest to you. If you’d like to reserve a Draft, Set, or Collector Box of Streets of New Capenna to pick up 4/22, call your local Mox and add yourself to our Reserve List.

See you at Mox!