• Revisited: A Celebration of The Games You Might Have Missed
    • Aug 6th 2021
    • Posted by David Peveto

    Revisited: A Celebration of The Games You Might Have Missed

    Look, we know you’ve heard it so many times that it’s a cliché, so we’re going to just skip the “this year has looked different” or “we’re in unprecedented circumstances” and get straight to the fun stuff. A lot of amazing games and products came out in the last 18 months. So, how about a weekend dedicated to all those great games you might have missed? Welcome to Mox Boarding House Seattle’s Revisited Weekend!We’ve filled the weekend of August 21-22 with events and opportunities to celebrate the Magic sets, board games, miniatures, and morat came out during the pandemic. Our full events calendar and signups can be found here, but here are some events you’ll want to keep your eye on. It’s a Mystery to everyone… Sponsored by Urban Family Brewing Co., we’re hosting a 21+ Mystery Booster Con
  • Ikoria Prerelease Tournament at Home
    • May 16th 2020
    • Posted by KATIE MORANHA

    Ikoria Prerelease Tournament at Home

    You may be wondering what to do with your prerelease pack now that you have it. While we can’t always meet each other in person, we can still enjoy a prerelease with a little ingenuity. In case this is your first prerelease, these Magic: the Gathering packs contain 6 booster packs from the newest Magic set, just enough to build a small 40 card deck. The purpose of these packs is to give you a little introduction to the new set. Typically, these packs are also used to create a fun deck for a sealed tournament at your LGS. Since most of our local game stores are closed for events, you may be wondering what to do with your pack. This blog post is dedicated to teaching you how to set up and play a prerelease tournament at home for Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths with your friends.
  • Learn to Play Saturdays!
    • Dec 3rd 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Learn to Play Saturdays!

    Since we are opening at 9 am on weekends through December, we get to squeeze more fun events into our arsenal. Every Saturday in December, we are running Learn to Play events for specific games. Not sure how to get started in Pokemon? Always wanted to try Keyforge? These are perfect events for you! Arrive at 9 am, and we will treat you to a free pastry* from Macrina Bakery and coffee while you let us take the stressful part out of learning a new game. *While supplies lastTry something new We are running different games at each store check out our schedules below: Seattle 12/7 – Magic: The Gathering 12/14 – Star Wars: X-Wing 12/21 – Keyforge 12/28 – Pokemon (10 am start) Bellevue 12/7 – Keyforge 12/14 – Marrying Mr. Darcy 12/21 – Magic: The Gathering 12/28 – Fate Syst
  • Find the Meeple Scavenger Hunt
    • Nov 19th 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Find the Meeple Scavenger Hunt

    This holiday season we have something really special for all the children that come into our stores. From December 2nd to December 24th join us for our “Find the Meeple Scavenger Hunt”!Kids (12 and under) pick up one of our fun bingo cards at either of our stores (Seattle or Bellevue), then they search around to find the hidden meeple! Upon finding the meeple, kids will give their bingo card to a Mox staffer, who will stamp the card. Upon receiving their first stamp, they will win a small prize! If the get a stamp at both locations, they will earn a $10 gift card!Please note that Meeple merchandise will not count. You must find the Meeple pictured below to earn your stamp.Read all about the other fun things we are offering at Mox in December here. Be sure to follow our Twitter, Instagram,
  • Winter Wonderland Workshop
    • Nov 19th 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Winter Wonderland Workshop

    Join us at Mox on December 8th for the most exciting family event of the season!Kids get to explore our Workshop of Games and experiment with different games. Our friendly staff will be teaching from Noon – 3 pm. Grab and decorate a lab coat and goggles when you arrive – once you’re appropriately equipped, you can get to testing! Rate each game on your clipboard when you finish it – give that to your parents for safekeeping. Games we’ll be testing:Monster BowlingDr. EurekaWobble KingMountainsBut that is not all! We have lots of other fun things:What’s happening in December? Giving TreeGift Wrapping StationStocking Stuffer Stress TestSee you at Mox!
  • Welcome to Bazaarmageddon 2: Revenge of Bazaarmageddon!
    • Oct 30th 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Welcome to Bazaarmageddon 2: Revenge of Bazaarmageddon!

    Bazaarmageddon is Card Kingdom’s annual Magic: The Gathering flea market. It’s a chance for you to raid our coffers and check out all the weirdest and wildest stuff we’ve purchased over the year! When we buy collections, we get a lot of items that don’t fit on our website, so we hoard them away until we can unleash them on an unsuspecting public! Here’s just a taste of what you can expect to see: Signed cards Altered cards Rare promos Unique apparel Promotional materials Sealed foil sets Magic-themed playing cards Books Comics Non-English products Prerelease packs Un-cut sheets Rare deck boxes and sleeves Forgotten TCG’s – Jihad, Illuminati, Werewolf, Vampire: The Masquerade High-end playmats Magic Pro Tour videos Tokens Discounted high-end vintag
  • Spooooooky Nerdy Halloween
    • Oct 10th 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Spooooooky Nerdy Halloween

    There is a cool crisp in the air, the trees are displaying magnificent colors, and the days are getting shorter. This can only mean one thing… Halloween must be just around the corner and we are so ready for it! As you can see, things are getting spooky around Mox, with Ess Kellyton the skeleton keeping a close eye on all the happenings and Morticia and Gomez keeping the two-player table in check. Trick-or-Treat! When planning the trick-or-treat route this year, make sure to stop by Mox Boarding House for some goooouuuulish fun. Stop by in costume for sweet goodies, including these custom Mox Halloween stickers (while they last).Play With Us Are you tired of the same old horror movies? Try out some scary board games instead. We’ve got you covered. Pick up Gloom, a game in which you a
  • Learn to Play Extravaganza!
    • May 22nd 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Learn to Play Extravaganza!

    It’s one of those Mondays where you have the day off, kids are off school and you’re not quite sure what to do. We’ve got you covered! Head to Mox and learn to play something new. Always wanted to try out Warhammer but never quite got around to it? What about Pokemon?This Memorial Day, we are running an all-day Learn to Play Extravaganza and it’s completely free and open to all ages! Join us for demos of Warhammer, Pokemon, Dungeon & Dragons, and Citadels. Our friendly staff will be on hand to run demos and answer any questions that you have.Visit either of our locations in Bellevue and Seattle on May 27th to take part. Be sure to check local listings for their event schedule, you can find Bellevue’s Event calendar here and Seattle’s Event calendar here.See you at Mox