• Mox Spotlight June: Evil Hat Productions
    • Jun 11th 2021
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Spotlight June: Evil Hat Productions

    Evil Hat Productions makes some of our most popular RPG titles including Fate, Blades in the Dark, and Monster of the Week. The origins of Evil Hat, and their first game, Fate, could not be more spontaneous and interesting. During a road trip in 2000 Fred Hicks and Rob Donoghue came up with the basic rules for Fate Core, little did they know where this path would take them. Since then they have published numerous titles that you can find on the shelves at Mox. Fate Core is a flexible RPG systemFate Core SystemFate Core System is an award winning flexible RPG system that can make your dreams a reality. Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Or anything in between? You can do it with Fate. This system makes planning completely unique games possible and is supported by numerous supplements inc
  • An Interview With Looney Labs
    • Apr 13th 2021
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    An Interview With Looney Labs

    Who are the creative geniuses who brought us favorites like Fluxx and Pyramid Arcade? Why it’s Looney Labs, of course! The small team at Looney Labs brings a unique and valuable perspective to the board game industry. Their games have a low barrier to entry and provide a delightful experience every time. We were lucky enough to interview Kristin and Andrew Looney to find out more about what makes Looney Labs so special. Looney Labs staff: Kristin Looney (CEO, President, and Business Czar), Andrew Looney (Chief Creative Officer), Laurie Menke (Executive Assistant, Sales & Marketing), Kristen Greer (Operations Manager), Alison Frane (Head Factorum and Customer Service Manager), Morgan Nakroshis (Graphic Design and Product Development)(Mox) Part of your mission is to bring social expe
  • Publisher Spotlight April: Looney Labs
    • Apr 1st 2021
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    Publisher Spotlight April: Looney Labs

    Looney Labs is the publisher who brought us fan favorites like Fluxx and Get The MacGuffin. Andrew and Kristen Looney are the husband and wife duo that have consistently design and publish innovative, attractive, and above all, really fun parlor games. The Looneys met during their time as aerospace engineers at NASA and in 1996 decided to pursue their hobby full time. Since then, Looney Labs has been more than successful in committing to their mission “To Create Fun”. Keep reading for a quick rundown on some of their most popular titles. Fluxx Designer: Andrew Looney & Kristen Looney Artist: Raul Castellanos, Michael Hays, Naomi Kageyama, Andrew Looney, & Barbara Spelger Player Count: 2-6 players Suggested Age: 8+ The rules of Fluxx are simple… until they’re not. At the begi
  • An Interview With Thames and Kosmos
    • Mar 15th 2021
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    An Interview With Thames and Kosmos

    This month Mox is shining the spotlight on Thames and Kosmos, who brought us favorites such as Targi and Imhotep. We interviewed their Marketing Coordinator Tom Wetzel to find out more about what sets Thames and Kosmos apart from other publishers. (Mox) Tell us about the history of Thames and Kosmos and your mission. How does that influence your board game catalog? (Tom Wetzel) Thames & Kosmos was founded in 2001 by a science museum director and her son, who saw the great need and demand for better education materials — resources for parents and their children that are more engaging, more effective, more relevant, and more fun. Since then, Thames & Kosmos has published more than 250 unique science kits. In 2015, Thames & Kosmos expanded upon its goal to inspire comprehensive, hand
  • Publisher Spotlight March: Thames and Kosmos
    • Mar 1st 2021
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    Publisher Spotlight March: Thames and Kosmos

    In 2001, science museum director Jane Holdsworth found herself looking for better education materials for her son. She took matters into her own hands and founded Thames and Kosmos to begin publishing board games. [KOSMOS is a parent company that has been bringing science to life with books and hands-on science kit since 1822.] Thames and Kosmos works with cherished game designers such as Phil Walker-Harding and Reiner Knizia. They matches the designer’s talent with high-quality game pieces that last a lifetime. Highly regarded by parents, teachers, and members of the toy industry; Thames and Kosmos has received dozens of awards for their titles. Throughout the month of March, we’ll be offering 10% off all Thames and Kosmos titles. Here are a few of our favorites! Exit: The Game Ser
  • An Interview With Breaking Games
    • Feb 15th 2021
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    An Interview With Breaking Games

    Throughout the month of February, we are celebrating Breaking Games. Since their launch in 2015, Breaking Games has consistently released fun and easy to learn games such as We’re Doomed and Rise of Tribes. We were lucky to be able to interview Shari Spiro, the CEO and founder of Breaking Games, to find out more about what makes their company so unique.(Mox) You act as publisher, manufacturer, and distributor for your games. How has Covid changed your operations over the last year? (Shari Spiro) Covid initially slowed down our manufacturing – and has continued to raise the cost of shipping and the difficulty level of booking freight and importing in general. It made slow work of fulfilling a major, highly anticipated Kickstarter, Dwellings of Eldervale, because we couldn’t just bring
  • Publisher Spotlight February: Breaking Games
    • Feb 1st 2021
    • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

    Publisher Spotlight February: Breaking Games

    Say hello to our Publisher Spotlight for February, Breaking Games! Breaking Games is the publishing arm of the American game manufacturing company, AdMagic. They pride themselves in working closely with game designers and developers to ensure that the final product is exactly what they want. They are hands-on through every step of the development process. Most of their games lean towards humorous party and social themes but are expanding their offerings to include more strategic titles into their catalog. We’re Doomed Designer: Mike Horton Player Count: 4-10 Suggested Age: 13+ We’re Doomed is one of the best high player count games on the market. It was even listed by Smithsonian Magazine as a Top 10 Game of 2019. Players act as powerful world leaders fighting to build an esca
  • An Interview with Pandasaurus
    • Jan 19th 2021
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    An Interview with Pandasaurus

    We have a very special publisher that we are highlighting for the month of January, Pandasaurus. Pandasaurus has published some of the most beautiful games that we carry at Mox such as Dinosaur Island, and some award-winning titles including The Mind and one of our best-selling games, Machi Koro. With a line up like this, we’re super excited to get an exclusive interview with Molly Wardlaw (Pandasaurus Co-Owner).(Mox) Tell us a little bit about the history of Pandasaurus and your overall mission. (Molly Wardlaw) We created Pandasaurus in 2012. At the time, it was just on a bit of a lark. Kickstarter was blowing up and we wanted to dip our toe in and perhaps make a little bit of money to help with our wedding. The Kickstarter did phenomenal, for the time. It was Tammany Hall. From the