Publisher Spotlight March: Thames and Kosmos

Dee Chapleau Publisher Spotlight

In 2001, science museum director Jane Holdsworth found herself looking for better education materials for her son. She took matters into her own hands and founded Thames and Kosmos to begin publishing board games. [KOSMOS is a parent company that has been bringing science to life with books and hands-on science kit since 1822.]

Thames and Kosmos works with cherished game designers such as Phil Walker-Harding and Reiner Knizia. They matches the designer’s talent with high-quality game pieces that last a lifetime. Highly regarded by parents, teachers, and members of the toy industry; Thames and Kosmos has received dozens of awards for their titles. Throughout the month of March, we’ll be offering 10% off all Thames and Kosmos titles. Here are a few of our favorites!

Exit: The Game Series

Designer: Inka & Markus Brand
Player Count: 1-6
Suggested Age: 12+

Since 2016, the Exit: The Game series has brought the exhilarating experience of an escape room directly to your home. With over 15 thrilling titles in varying themes, you can explore The Enchanted Forest or find yourself with a Dead Man on the Orient Express. In Exit: The Game, players work together to crack codes and solve each puzzle before time runs out. These games flex your team spirit, creativity, and powers of deduction. With difficulty ratings from 1-5 stars, there is a perfect Exit title for every family and game group.


Designer: Phil Walker-Harding
Player Count: 2-4
Suggested Age: 10+

A Spiel De Jahres nominee, Imhotep is an easy to learn yet skillful worker placement game. In this game you play as builders advancing ancient Egypt’s growth. Over the course of 6 rounds you acquire, place, and ship stones to construct monuments. Players score points each round based on the varying monument’s pattern requirements. The player with the most points wins! Imhotep is a game where you can focus on either scoring points or preventing others from doing so. Each board offers an alternate side with different conditions for maximum replayability. Additionally, the expansion A New Dynasty offers FIVE new double sided boards as well as corresponding cards and tokens. Who will be known as Egypt’s best builder?


Designer: Andreas Steiger
Player Count: 2
Suggested Age: 12+

How would you fare as a leader of a tribe? In Targi, two players vie against each other to build the most successful tribe. The game is played on a grid made of Goods and Tribe cards. Players collect Goods cards with which to purchase Tribe cards of varying costs. In each round, players place their workers on border cards of the grid, collect resources, perform any special actions, and purchase the tribal cards available. After purchase, Tribe cards are placed in a separate 3×4 grid in front of the player to create their tribe. At the end of the game, the player with the most successful tribe wins!

The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

Designer: Thomes Sing
Player Count: 2-5
Suggested Age: 10+

In The Crew, players work together as they embark on an uncertain space adventure. With over 50 missions of increasing difficulty, The Crew can be played in one go or over a period of sessions as a campaign. It is a trick-taking game with communication limits, where players are required to win specific amounts of rounds (or “tricks”) to prevail. Players can only disclose information by placing a communication token on the top, middle, or bottom of their card to signal how many of each color or number card they have in hand. Thames and Kosmos says it best, “it’s not the amount of tricks, but the right tricks at the right time”.


Designer: Marcello Bertocchi
Player Count: 2
Suggested Age: 10+

Aqualin is a fantastic and welcoming two-player game that places players in a reef filled with thriving sea life. One player attempts to build swarms of the same type of animals while the other player attempts to build swarms of the same color animals. Players take turns placing or moving tiles on a grid in an effort to out-swarm their opponent. Aqualin is a low-luck high-player-interaction game that can be played in as little as twenty minutes.

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