• An Interview with Renegade Game Studios
    • Sep 19th 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    An Interview with Renegade Game Studios

    Renegade Games Studios has consistently published a diverse set of high caliber games including Gravwell and Clank!. These games have made their way onto our Best Sellers table several times over and there is no question that Renegade Game Studios had to be our Publisher Spotlight for September. We were excited to interview Sara Erickson, Renegade Game Studios Director of Sales and Marketing. Nick Rauzi of Mox Boarding House – What theme would you love to see in board games that you haven’t seen or that you have seen but would like be more prominent? Sara Erickson – Insects! If I could have a fact-filled game about our six legged friends, I’d be over the moon, and probably playing it all by myself! Pretty much any science based games are exciting for me because I love learning about
  • Publisher Spotlight September: Renegade Game Studios
    • Sep 2nd 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Publisher Spotlight September: Renegade Game Studios

    We are in our last month of summer and school is starting again. That means board game season is coming! Our Publisher Spotlight this month is Renegade Game Studios. They publish a diverse, fun, and popular catalog of games ranging from role playing games and board games to digital games. Some of their most exciting and popular titles include Kids on Bikes, Clank, and Lanterns.About Renegade Game Studios Scott Gaeta founded the Renegade Game Studios in in 2014 in San Diego CA. He had over 20 years of industry experience before founding Renegade Games, during which he opened his own game store, co -founded Cryptozoic Entertainment, and held the position of Senior Director at Upper Deck Entertainment. With all that experience under his belt Renegade Studios immediately exploded onto t
  • An Interview with Haba
    • Jul 21st 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    An Interview with Haba

    We are half way through July and we have chosen Haba as our Publisher Spotlight this month, read all about it here. Haba produces toys and games for children that are not only incredibly fun but also made of the highest quality. We wanted to dig a little deeper and T. Caires kindly agreed to an interview. A little more about T, they are the Games Manager at Haba USA, have the strongest passion for games and the gaming community and have the most adorable corgi named Ichi.Nick Rauzi (NR) – What makes HABA unique in the Tabletop Gaming Industry?T. Caires (TC) – HABA is 81 years old this year! Founded to create high-quality wooden toys, HABA has continued to be a family business that supports ethical choices for communities and the environment. All the wood in our games is certified PEFC sus
  • Publisher Spotlight July: Haba
    • Jul 1st 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Publisher Spotlight July: Haba

    School is finally out for summer and the weather is stunning! Not quite sure what to do with all your time off? We have a fun packed season for you, starting with this months Publisher Spotlight: Haba. Haba has been making quality children’s toys and games since 1938. The Germany based company is most famous for its high quality wooden toys and game components, their attention to detail is to be commended. The wood comes from trees that are part of sustainable forest management and games come with the PEFC seal, the paints used are non toxic, the size of components is appropriate for the age of the child playing the game and the list goes on. Haba’s game design mentality has always emphasized creativity, curiosity and engaged learning. This is why we are so excited to be highlighting this
  • Distributor Spotlight: An Interview with IPR
    • Jun 19th 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    Distributor Spotlight: An Interview with IPR

    This month Mox is turning the Spotlight on Indie Press Revolution (IPR) a distributor of some of the most wonderful indie roleplaying games out there. Seriously, if you haven’t yet checked out Fiasco, Ryuutama or Night Witches now is the time! We have some great events, sales and discounts and giveaways in store for you, click here for more details. Our Purchaser Nick Rauzi reached out to Jason Walters, General Manager at IPR to dig a little deeper into the mission and ethos of IPR in the gaming industry.NR: What makes Indie Press Revolution unique in the Tabletop Gaming Industry?JW: We’re the only distributor with a fan base? Seriously though, what makes us unique is that we are almost entirely dedicated to the alternative roleplaying small press, and to those creators who are constantly
  • June Publisher Spotlight! Indie Press Revolution
    • May 31st 2019
    • Posted by NELLY STEINER

    June Publisher Spotlight! Indie Press Revolution

    What is Publisher Spotlight?We are launching a brand-new program at Mox Boarding House: Publisher Spotlight! Every month, we choose a different publisher or distributor to highlight and feature their family of amazing games. This is a great chance to check out a new game from a company that may have released one of your favorites. The month will be filled with game demos, tournaments, discounts and giveaways, we have so much great stuff in store for you!Who is the Distributor for June?Drumroll… Indie Press Revolution! IPR has some of the best indie RPGs on the market, such as Dread, Ryuutamma, and Dungeon World. It was launched over ten years ago in 2004 with a simple mission: to create a network of creator-publishers to bring the latest RPG innovations to the market. “[IPR has] grown to c